Vegan Sweet Potato Burritos (via healthy food | lazy people)

It’s Saturday night and I spent a lot of today experimenting with vegan cookie recipes. So, for dinner I didn’t want to have to think anymore, but still wanted all the deliciousness that comes from creative variation on an old comfort-food classic.

Thanks to Healthy Food/Lazy People for inspiring an easy, healthy, and absolutely scrumptious Saturday night dish!  This dish will definitely be added into my regular rotation of winter/spring food.  Also, I hope everyone enjoys their time unplugged tonight!  Hope to see you again after Earth Hour!

Note: For a quick-cooking substitute for canned black beans, I used dried lentils and just cooked them with the sweet potato cubes.  I’ve also been a long-time fan of broccoli in burritos, so don’t be afraid to chop up a head and toss some in with the garlic, onions, and chilies for even more yumminess!

Vegan Sweet Potato Burritos Spring break! I’ve changed cities, temporarily, and have left the comfy confines of my Gainesville kitchen for the spacious kitchens of parents and in-laws.  These folks even have dishwashers! With all the extra space, we decided to make a big, vegan feast.  For dinner, a burrito unlike any I’ve ever had – sweet p … Read More

via healthy food | lazy people

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