Black Bean, Ranch, and Spinach Pizza

This is how a meal plan should work!  This recipe is made entirely from leftovers from the week before, plus a few pantry items.  All I had to make specifically for this recipe was the dough. I just love it when stuff works out!  I wish it would happen more often…

This combo is loosely inspired by an item on this restaurant’s menu. I put this pizza together, and last night, I gave it the ultimate test.  My 16 year-old sister declared this to be “Sooooooo good!! Best pizza ever!” So, I can’t help but give myself a pat on the back (teenagers are pizza experts, of course!).

Granted, this pizza is not exactly low-calorie, but it is insanely nutrition-packed – so much so that one slice each was plenty for both of us and kept us full the entire night without the dreaded junk-food coma.

Black Bean, Ranch, and Spinach Pizza:

A pizza that takes left-overs to another level


  1. Make your garlic pizza dough.  I actually used light buckwheat flour in an attempt to make it whole grain.  I now know that this flour does not rise, so the dough was very dense and it only produced enough dough for one pan pizza.  But! Despite the dough being dense, it was still flavorful and easily edible.  It actually made the dough richer, and I kinda liked it better this way.
  2. Before you precook your pan-style dough, drop 6-8 pea-sized dabs of butter on the crust.  Then precook your dough as directed.
  3. Once your dough is ready to be topped, give a nice layer of ranch dressing.  Then add on a generous layer of raw, cleaned spinach (which I bought to go on top of my black bean sandwiches).
  4. Top with left-over grated cheddar and jack cheese from the fajitas.
  5. Then, crumble up some black bean patties and sprinkle on a generous layer.
  6. Top once again with any left-over cheese (I also had a local bell pepper laced cheddar on hand which I grated up to use on top).  Bake as directed (425 F for 15-20 mins, or until cheese is golden brown and the spinach has clearly wilted).
  7. ENJOY!!

My small pizza yielded 8 servings.

3 thoughts on “Black Bean, Ranch, and Spinach Pizza

    • Thanks! I’m so glad the recipe looks good! I wasn’t sure how it would come across to readers who hadn’t been cooking along side me this weekend (i.e. everyone except me), but the flavor combos worked out so well, I just had to put it up! Honestly, I think the homemade ranch is what took this pizza to another level.

      Thanks for reading!!

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