If you ever come to London … (via realfunfood)

Eating local wherever you are!! I liked this post so much, I just had to share it. Check out the amazing photos RealFunFood took at Borough Market in London. The colors and textures are so vibrant, it’s almost like you can smell the produce scrolling from pic to pic as if walking from stand to stand. (I like the pictures of the carrots and the mushrooms the best!)

Here in the North, it’s almost the end of summer and therefore prime produce season, so I hope these pictures inspire you to get out there and see the very best of what your neighborhood can offer!!

If you ever come to London ... … go to Borough Market. If for nothing else, go for the sights. This market is the biggest I’ve ever been to. As soon as you walk in you’re surrounded by giant colorful displays of every vegetable and food you can imagine. The market is also filled with the smells of dozens of food stalls selling fresh, innovative food. Great for people watching too! Don’t know why, but I kinda wanted to dive into this giant pit of tomatoes. Not really a pit, b … Read More

via realfunfood

2 thoughts on “If you ever come to London … (via realfunfood)

    • That’s awesome! I don’t really understand why people complain about grocery shopping because I’m a weekly face at my local market – with the colors, the smells, the hustling of people grabbing lunch before work, but you can go at your own pace if you like…. I love all these things about the market, and I felt your photos really captured those pieces!

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