You’re Who Now?

About Me: (Updated July 2012)

Oh! So Much Tasty!

Hola all.  I’m a gluten-intolerant vegan, a grad student on a tight budget, and a home-cooking enthusiast.  As a direct result, I want healthy, ethical, environmentally-friendly food that will save me $$$.  This is why I buy nearly everything from local farmers and second-hand shops.  I currently live in PA, USA, so my shopping list is dictated by long, snowy winters and long, humid summers.

I’m not here to push a political agenda or rage against the Food Inc. machine (although, I fully support all the benefits of buying local).  I’m just here to keep a recipe box and demonstrate that eating green doesn’t have to break your budget.

Over the past year, I have slowly converted my diet from a 100% pre-made, over-processed menu into that of a vegan, local, minimalist, and whole-foods approach to cooking.  It’s true – cooking at home takes considerably more time, but I’ve pick up cooking tricks along the way.  Since this slow overhaul of my diet began, I have seen dramatic improvements in my health, including the discovery of my gluten allergy (once the processed foods were gone, the allergy symptoms were much more noticeable), and to date, I’ve lost over 90 lbs without the strain and stress of freak dieting. Woot!!

What about life outside the kitchen?

Every now and then, I will post about ways to save serious green by choosing the most environmentally-friendly option.  These posts will be tagged EcoLogical because when I saw how much money I was saving by choosing the greenest option, I couldn’t help but think “How much sense can one thing possibly make?”  If you think going green is expensive, think again.  Read my blog.  I speak the truth.  I have one of the lightest eco-footprints of anyone I know on a tighter budget than most I know, and I never feel deprived.

Format of the blog:

When I head tot he market I usually have a meal plan ready, but I’m still getting my feet wet when it comes to cooking, so ya’ll won’t get to see everything I’ve made for the week.  This blog is basically a public recipe box of my successes, and not every dish I make is a keeper.  There’s a good chance that I will also post some LFMF posts to vent the frustrations of eating crappy food for a week.  Also, if I pick up any tricks along the way, I’ll be sure to make a note for both of us 😀


5 thoughts on “You’re Who Now?

  1. Your blog is so nice!! I like that you list equipment/tools up front. It is also great that you use ‘everyday person’ language that I don’t see in published cookbooks (e.g. “…until you can smell it across the room.”

    I remember talking with you only a few months ago when you wer

  2. oops…rest of comment…

    I remember talking with you only a few months ago when you were deliberating your eating commitments and style. Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Perri! I’ve taken the inspiration you gave me, and have really tried to run with it over the past few months! Like I said above, I prepare almost everything I eat, and not only has it freed up my budget a bit, but also demands some level of cooking skill – so I’m getting better every time! 😀

      Don’t forget to check back in for recipe box additions!

    • Haha! Sorry about the two-month hiatus that came and went without warning. I was so busy that some nights I thought my mocha soy ice cream was the only thing getting me through it all – but we’re back up and running now! Thanks for keeping tabs on me 😉

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